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We are people who want to learn, discover, think, and do.

We push the limits of what can be achieved and develop ideas that can make a difference in the world.

For more than 170 years, our community has been more than a collection of bright minds – Queen’s University has attracted people with an ambitious spirit. We imagine what the future can be, and work together to realize it.

In 1889, Queen's University began offering extension courses, becoming the first Canadian university to do so. Today, more than a century later, Queen's University continues to lead by offering online courses and programs through many Faculties that are distinguished by their quality.

Quality means providing you with a learning experience that challenges and stimulates you, while meeting your needs in an environment that’s supportive, accessible and flexible. We believe that interaction lies at the heart of quality learning. In our courses you will get to know your instructors and teaching assistants through real-time, synchronous online tutorials and webinars. Your course materials are developed using best practices for online learning, incorporating multi-media features like videos and podcasts, as well as interactive components such as problem sets and self-assessment quizzes to help you direct your own learning. Through online group work and discussion forums you will interact with peers from across the world in a virtual community of learners.

Whether you’re embarking on a degree, enhancing your studies to advance yourself in your workplace, taking courses to transfer to your degree at another institution, or simply taking courses out of interest, we invite you to explore your options and to join the Queen’s University community of excellence.

In order to take a course at another institution and be allowed to count it towards your Queen’s University degree, you’ll need to apply for a Letter of Permission through your Faculty Office. 

To be eligible for a Letter of Permission you must be a student in good standing, as specified on the Letter of Permission application form, and pay any applicable application fees.

After you have received a Letter of Permission indicating that you may take the requested courses for credit transfer, you must apply directly to the host university for admission as a visiting student, using your Letter of Permission as your basis for admission. From that point forward, all dates, deadlines, fees and regulations pertaining to your registration in the course and your completion of the course are between you and the host university. When you complete the course, you must arrange for the host university to mail your official transcript directly to the office that issued you the Letter of Permission.

If this is the last course you need for graduation, be aware of the deadline date by which your Faculty Office must receive your official transcript in order to confirm your eligibility to graduate.

For further information on obtaining a Letter of Permission in a specific Faculty please click on one of the following links:

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Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

Smith School of Business

School of Nursing


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