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Welcome to the Division of Continuing Studies (DCS) at the Royal Military College of Canada (RMCC)


To provide high quality learner focused professional, undergraduate, and graduate distance education for RMCC students.


To set the standard for university level distance education within the Department of National Defence.

Distance Education courses (DCS-administered courses) are Web-based (Internet) and delivered through the RMCC Moodle Learning Management System (LMS).


To be admitted into a degree at RMCC you must be a Regular or Reserve member of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF); a spouse of a CAF member; be honourably released from the Regular or Reserve Force; or a Public servant in the Department of National Defence or another Federal government department..

To take a course at RMCC you must be a visiting student as defined below or admissible to a degree as defined above.

RMCC welcomes visiting students who are currently completing their undergraduate degrees and Programmes at other Canadian universities and who are interested in completing certain courses at RMCC.

Visiting Students

To see when a course is being offered at RMCC go to:

To register for a course as a Visiting Student read the instructions at  and request an Admissions Form at Once admitted as a Visiting Student you will receive a welcome email with your student number and portal number. Then register for your course via the Portal.

For question regarding course registration send an email to

‚ÄčDeadlines for application for admission are:

Fall Session: 31 July

Winter session: 1 November

Spring Session: 30 March

Transfer Credits and Prior Learning Assessment (PLAR)

Letters of Permission

RMCC students who wish to take courses at other institutions for credits towards their degree programme must obtain prior written permission in the form of a letter of permission. The course(s) so taken must satisfy a requirement identified in the student's programme plan. Failure to obtain permission prior to the course start date may result in credits not being acceptable. A course calendar description must be submitted with the written request, as well as a Request for a Letter of Permission. The amount of instructional hours should be clearly indicated. Normally, at least four weeks should be allowed for the request to be processed. For questions regarding Letters of Permission contact a Programme Representative at

For further information regarding Transfer Credits and Prior Learning Assessment see

For questions regarding Transfer Credits and Prior Learning Assessment send an email to


Transfer Credits and Prior Learning Assessment (PLAR)
Course registration
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